About Us

imageChips and Bits Computers is a family owned and operated business. We here care about your computing experience. Not only do we come up with innovative ideas but we focus our attention to you the customer. Our philosophy revolves around creating trust, providing great customer service, and empowering our clients with information. From our experience we have found that if we create a bond of trust with our clients it will keep them coming back.

Sassan Knight is our founding member. He is a Las Vegas native and has had a passion for technology his whole life. His knowledge and drive is what makes this company what it is. He is a people person and wants the company to be a people company. We call him The Tech Guru. He comes up with great solutions to all sorts of problems. He is the guy everyone calls with technical questions from: "What kind of TV should I buy?", to "What do I do? My computer has gone crazy!!!!!" He is also experienced in home automation and the converging of home theater with computer/mobile devices.


google tv

Technology has shifted more from a hardware game to a software game. With the explosion in technology, the use of computers has shifted from the office to everywhere in every day life. This is why we are able to help with home theater integration including home theater PC's. Google TV's. Apple TV's, IPhone's, Android's, and many more


Mission Statement


Chips & Bits Computers's mission is to provide fast, affordable, professional, and neighborly service to residential customers as well as small businesses.